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Baycol Class Action Settlement Documents
The following settlement documents are in Adobe format (.pdf)  If you do not already have the program necessary to view these documents, click here to go to the Adobe website and download Acrobat Reader.

Settlement Agreement

Appendix "A" Order - Certification and Settlement Approval

Appendix "B" Order - Settlement Agreement - Quebec (to be drafted)

** Appendix "C" Notice to Users of Baycol

Appendix "D" Method of Dissemination of Notice of Motion for National Class Certification

Appendix "E" Notice to Users of Baycol (Quebec)

Appendix "F" Method of Dissemination of Notice of Certification and Settlement Approval    (Quebec)

Appendix "G" Notice of Certification and Settlement Approval

Appendix "H" Method of Dissemination of Notice Certification and Settlement Approval

**Appendix "I" Compensatory Payment for Non-Pecuniary Damages 

** Appendix "J" Claim Form

** Appendix "K" Out Out Form

** Appendix "L" Registration Form

** Updated as of January 4, 2005

History of the Baycol Class Action Lawsuit

On September 4, 2001 Rochon Genova LLP commenced a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors of the prescription drug Baycol.

Baycol (generic name: cerivastatin) was withdrawn from markets around the world, including Canada on August 8, 2001 because of growing concerns about rhabdomyolysis, a serious adverse muscle reaction associated with the drug.

Between February 18, 1998, when Baycol was first approved in Canada, and August 24, 2001, 54 cases of rhabdomyolysis, including 15 cases of acute renal failure and two deaths were reported in Canada.

Health Canada instructed Bayer Inc., the Canadian distributor of Baycol, to issue a Dear Healthcare Professional Letter (DHPL) on July 16, 2001 and a Public Advisory on July 25, 2001 to inform physicians, pharmacists and patients about the risks of rhabdomyolysis associated with Baycol. A second DHPL was issued on August 8, 2001 advising healthcare providers of the market withdrawal of Baycol.

The withdrawal of Baycol as a result of the increased incidence of rhabdomyolysis has prompted questions as to when the manufacturers of Baycol were first aware of the serious side effects associated with the drug. In this regard, the German magazine Der Spiegel reported on August 13, 2001, that Bayer received a report that the drug may have been a secondary cause in the death of a patient who had taken the drug for a year and a half before it was introduced to the market.

For further information regarding your legal rights and the withdrawal of Baycol, contact Rochon Genova LLP at 1-866-881-2292.